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Reblog from “The Migraine Girl”

As per my earlier post, I’m having a shitty, shitty day. Yesterday, I had a nasty migraine. Saturday, I helped Besty move into her new place. The city utility company was unable to activate her power until today, so we moved in the dark. I was supposed to help her yesterday, but I had a […]

via The Migraine Girl — The 20-Something Existential Crisis


I’m not exactly sure how to “Reblog” or repost someone elses (is elses a word… my spellcheck says no and to change it to Elsa, but I find that more wrong) blog – but this post resonated with me so well (oddly, even the butternut squash soup part) It put a lot of what I think about in words I could never find, especially the part about co-workers.  Although for me, its not just co-workers, its friends and family who mean well, but don’t