Sometimes I find that I’m lost.

Not lost in a psychological “what am I doing with my life?” way (although I do find that happens to me a lot) but in an actual “Where am I?” way.

I have always been bad at directions.  I remember one time giving directions to my house over the phone to a friend of mine.  I was in high school and lived in a different city than everyone from my school (My mother transfered me there instead of the school I was supposed to go to, because the school I was supposed to go to was a rough school, and my mom wanted me to have nice friends)  Anyways, I was giving directions and I remember so clearly saying “take the highway to the Bayview exit.  There is no sign that says Bayview, but there is a sign that says Toronto – but its broken.  Thats the exit” (my friend later told me that in HUGE letters the sign said BAYVIEW, and in super small letters under that it said “Toronto”) and later on (in the same phone call) I said “when you get to the stop sign turn that way” and I pointed.

My issues with getting lost and directions have been around forever. When I first got my drivers license, the first thing my dad did wasn’t add me to the insurance, or make sure I was comfortable in the car…. nope – he made sure I knew how to work the GPS. (which was really smart on his part.  Even with the GPS I spent the first few weeks driving getting lost and calling him for directions)  Almost any time I go into the city, one of my friends inevitably gets a call from me, or a picture, or a video call, where I’m saying “This is where I am.  How do I get to where I’m supposed to be”

So when I say I’m used to getting lost, it’s not an over exaggeration.  However lately with my migraines, I find that I have a new kind of lost that I’m dealing with.  And I find that it is happening more and more frequently.  A few weeks ago I was driving home from my parents house… its a simple drive, I take one street for about 20-30 min, then I make 3 turns and I’m home.  While I was driving I suddenly didn’t know where I was. I knew I had left my parents and that I was going home, I knew where I needed to turn, only the same street that I’ve been taking frequently for about 5-6 years didn’t look familiar.  I thought I missed my turn, or I turned at the wrong street and I had to use my GPS to help me find my way home.  It was a little strange.

Events like that are happening more and more frequently.  Last week I was shopping with my sister-in-law. We walked into H&M and after walking and looking at 2 racks, I suddenly didn’t know where out was.  I couldn’t figure out how I could leave the store. I stood there for about 5 min before my SIL came and found me and was like “what is going on?”

Anyone else with migraines/chronic pain/on a lot of meds find that this happens to them?

I am not a fan of this new thing that is happening to me.

Also – my featured image is of my sisters dog. I puppy sat when she was in the hospital having her child. The dog – not impressed that I was there instead of my sister.  It is, in my opinion, the worlds most miserable dog.


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