Journaling and Tracking Your Mood

This for sure goes well with my latest post on Anger. Journaling 100% helps deal with the feelings, and when I use a chart, gives my therapist some more information to go on when I see her. I also find when I write enough, I can write myself out of my hole of anger

The Bipolar Writer

I have written a lot lately about my experiences which have helped my memoir take shape over the last month. Today I want to focus on something different that has helped me over the last year.Journaling my daily thoughts and tracking my mood every day.

Journaling my thoughts is a straightforward idea, you write everything that is bothering you, what is good, and where you want to go that day or night. I prefer to journal in the morning, but I would say find a time that works best for you. I have met people that say they journal the end of their day to better understand their thoughts. For me, I prefer to journal in the morning because I can focus my thoughts to better get my day going. It could be five minutes or an hour of journaling. It really is up to you.

The reason that I…

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