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As per my earlier post, I’m having a shitty, shitty day. Yesterday, I had a nasty migraine. Saturday, I helped Besty move into her new place. The city utility company was unable to activate her power until today, so we moved in the dark. I was supposed to help her yesterday, but I had a […]

via The Migraine Girl — The 20-Something Existential Crisis


I’m not exactly sure how to “Reblog” or repost someone elses (is elses a word… my spellcheck says no and to change it to Elsa, but I find that more wrong) blog – but this post resonated with me so well (oddly, even the butternut squash soup part) It put a lot of what I think about in words I could never find, especially the part about co-workers.  Although for me, its not just co-workers, its friends and family who mean well, but don’t


One thought on “Reblog from “The Migraine Girl”

  1. Carolanne

    Thanks for the reblog. I’m glad it resonated. Usually my posts are the gamut of everything random — but that’s life. I can never usually stay on one topic.

    My coworkers seem to think that just because we work in the medical field, makes them medical professionals and qualified to give medical advice lol. People experience pain differently, people have different tolerances. Looking back, I remember this being a pretty gnarly migraine. I’ve only had full blown puking migraines three or four times in my life. I’m the person who completely avoids throwing up. I hate it. I hate feeling so prone and helpless and just ugh. So, if I say “I puked” people who know me know how serious this is for me.

    But thanks again. I’m really glad I was able to post something that resonated.

    Also, not shameless self promotion, I promise, but I’ve moved my blogging life to my new site. My previous blog was to chronicle the year up to 30… and I’ve hit 30. Didn’t feel right still writing on a blog with “20-Something” in the title when I wasn’t a 20 something anymore. Come over and see me at

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